Knee Aches When Bending - The Problem That Cripples You - Don't Let It Be A Life Sentence

Published: 16th April 2009
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Do you have pain when you are bending your knee?

Sure, you have heard of athletes having knee aches and pains when they perform extreme sports, or overuse their knees. But those of us that are not professional athletes can suffer from pain when your leg is bent as well. Many normal, healthy, active people have aches and pains when their knees are bent.

1.) What is the cause of the problem, if your knee aches when it is bent?

One very common cause of this symptom is Patellofemoral Syndrome. In very basic terms, the upper and lower leg bones (femur and tibia) are held together by various ligaments and muscles. The knee bends at the location where the upper and lower leg bones meet. In order for the leg to bend properly, the knee cap must move up and down in the femoral groove, located at the bottom of your thigh bone. If there alignment problems with your knee cap, as your leg bends, this can cause a lot of discomfort.

Of course, Patellofemoral Syndrome is only one of several possible causes if your knee aches when bent, and it is generally advisable to have your symptoms evaluated by your physician in order to accurately determine the cause. In the meantime, however, if you are looking for relief from the pain, using a knee brace can help.

2.) Knee Braces - Take Your Stability To The Next Level

Braces are designed to help lend support to the knee joint and surrounding muscles and ligaments, relieving the stress placed on the patella when the knee is in a bent position. A properly fitting brace can also help keep the knee cap in its proper position within the groove, thus helping to minimize the irritation when the knee cap is under pressure. In this fashion, a support can be very helpful in that it can relieve the pain you may feel when your knee is bent or bending.

Knee braces do not have to be custom made to fit you properly. Many braces are customizable to a person's leg, and nearly everyone can benefit from a non-custom type of support. Moreover, there are many styles to choose from, some soft and flexible, others more firm and restrictive. These braces should be highly considered if you want to support your knee, because they can really provide you with improved stability.

Be proactive, because many times your knee pain will not just go away by itself. If you wish to increase your knee stability and reduce pain problems, then you should really consider a knee support today.


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