Chronic Knee Ache - Popping Sounds & Cracking Noises - Brace Yourself

Published: 24th April 2009
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Do you have knee discomfort that seems to linger on way to long!?

Sometimes chronic knee discomfort can make you want to just throw in your chips and give up.

It is that constant, throbbing pain that seems to swallow up your knee. Chronic aches and pains are often most noticeable while doing normal activities, like walking, running, or going up a flight of stairs, but can also be prominent when you are at rest, sitting, or even laying down.

Sure, pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication may provide some temporary relief, as may icing your legs or even soaking in a hot tub. Despite our wishes, a chronic knee ache can return like an unwanted gues that never gets the clue to "just leave". Well, maybe it's time you tried something different-maybe it's time you tried a brace to help get rid of your chronic knee ache. Here's why...

Low profile, light weight supports are not a new or revolutionary concept. In fact, they have been around for years. Of course, over time, there have been significant innovations, and the design, comfort, and flexibility of braces have vastly improved through the years.

Many people assume knee braces are intended to treat only certain types of conditions, or that they are prohibitively expensive or difficult to obtain. The truth is, a well designed brace is available and accessible to just about everybody, if you look in the right place. Knee supports do not have to be custom fabricated or ordered by your physician. Most supports are designed to fit almost all knee types. They are also more affordable than many of the other options available to treat chronic aches and pains, such as surgery, or extensive physical therapy.

But what can a brace do to help relieve your chronic knee ache?

The answer can be summed up in two words: support and alignment. Chronic knee aches and pains can stem from any number of causes, and it takes a physician to properly diagnose the cause of your particular symptoms. Still, one thing that most conditions have in common is the need for structural support to help lessen the pressure, stress, and irritation on the knee joint. A brace helps provide this additional support while allowing for a large degree of mobility.

Some types of knee braces offer more rigid support, while others are more flexible, while still offering additional support, but to a lesser degree.

Additionally, a properly fitting support will also help keep the knee in proper alignment, i.e., the brace will keep the patella in its proper place when your leg is either still or in motion, thus helping to eliminate stress and damage to the adjoining and underlying structures.

We wish for your knee discomfort to disappear by itself...but when it does not and you need to think of a low cost way to help provide meaningful support to your knee, then you should consider a knee brace today. If your knee pain is noticeable and does not go way by itself, maybe its time to take your knee stability and pain reduction to the next level...


If you would like to learn more about ways to decrease your knee pain, and to get the support your knees need, visit us online now at We can provide you with more education material about your knee and knee braces, to help you make the best decision for yourself.

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