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Published: 12th June 2009
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Are you having trouble with one (or both) of your knees?

An Ortho Knee Brace - Finding The Best One Online

Many people are online trying to find the best knee brace for their needs. Keywords like "ortho knee brace" for example, will help you land on the subject of knee braces, but you may be overwhelmed by the amount of information that you come across. - Although you need a knee support, you can get hit with all the different kinds of "ortho knee braces" or "medical knee braces" etc out there, and you may just opt out of getting one because of the sheer number of them available. - We understand this problem, and we are here to make things more simple for you.

The Term "Ortho Knee Brace"

People will refer to braces as "ortho" knee braces and typically what they mean is an "orthopedic knee brace". You may wish to find a medical grade (orthopedic) knee support, because you might not want to mess with the simple knee supports that you might find at the pharmacy, for example. These pharmaceutical type knee braces for $8.99 might be extremely affordable, but the old phrase "you get what you pay for" may come into play here, if you know what we mean...

How To Access Which Knee Brace You Need

Here are 3 questions that you need to ask yourself before you can make any informed decision on which knee support to get.

1.) What level is my knee pain at on a subjective scale 1-10? (10 being the worst) - If you have knee pain that is sometimes a five out of ten, and sometimes a 2 out of ten, it may be a good idea for you to consider that you have moderate knee pain; not mild knee pain. - The reason for this is that you might bounce up to a 5/10 in the future and you will want the appropriate knee brace for that amount of pain, when it flares up.

2.) What is my knee instability on a scale 1-10 (Same rules apply as what you found in #1)

3.) Has my physician given me any insight to my knee problems via a definitive diagnosis? - Diagnosis by a physician is also very helpful (self diagnosis is not recommended). When you are concerned about your knee discussing things with them is never the wrong idea. (This article can be great in helping you find an effective knee brace, but we are not your physician.)

When you have the answers to these 3 questions you will be able to go to an online site that offers knee braces for different levels of knee pain, instability and/or a certain diagnosis. For example, you will find an ACL knee brace that is good for moderate knee instability. - All of this information will help get you on track. Usually, the more complicated the knee ailment, the more deluxe the knee brace required.

Moreover, stick with online knee brace sites that allow you to speak with a human about your questions. The site you visit should readily ask you if you have any questions, and offer their phone number (usually in the upper right hand corner) to discuss your knee brace questions. If they do not, run!


If you would like to take your knee stability to the next level (affordably) then visit us online today at Dr. Brace Co. is an education based site, created by true brace specialists, that can provide helpful information and meaningful support for your knee. If you have questions come to our site and let us know. We will respond.

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